Keeping your cables neatly organized doesn’t require any special skill or too much time. However, most of us don’t pay them too much mind and before you know it we find our cables protruding from every nook and cranny at our office or home. Today we will talk about simple tricks about organizing your cables under your desk easily. You will be able to learn everything about cable management here.

How dangerous can unorganized cables be?

Essentially, most people nowadays are working or have at least some ties to the digital world today, so regardless of where you are, there will be a need for cabled devices.

The reason why untidy cables can be pretty hazardous in crowded office spaces is quite self-explanatory. However, unorganized cables can be just as dangerous at home. Let’s think of it this way – if an average cable is approximately 2 m in size, mere five devices would mean that you’ll have some 10 m of cables on your hands. Even if you’ve managed to cover about half of the cable’s length, you’d still have 5 meters of cable dangling around. 

First and most notably, people are prone to tripping over exposed cables. As we all know, falls can be pretty funny and harmless, but they could also be pretty nasty, and in the worst-case scenario, even fatal. It’s not hard to imagine tripping over a cable and smashing your head open on the pointy end of an office desk, is it?

Secondly, tripping over cables will most likely pull them out from their base, which will most likely damage the electrical component of the equipment in question. Putting a phone base out of commission shouldn’t be too big of a deal since communication can still proceed via the internet. However, what if you destroy a whole network of PCs or laptops?

What are your options?

Hopefully, now you are aware of the dangers that exposed and unorganized cables pose. So, what can you do to tidy them up under your desk?

One of the most efficient DIY ways involves plenty of duct tape and just a bit of patience. Namely, you can make hand-made cable raceways and sleeves by taping them to the back of your desk. Even the longest cables can be taped in a ‘snake pattern’, so a bit of creativity would go a long way in such a scenario.

On another hand, you can order table wells and input panels. Table wells are basically among the simplest cable management tools, they’re very easy to install, and they are specifically designed to accommodate any type and shape of a desk. 

While input panels are a bit more specialized tools, they’re equally easy to use and just as convenient as table wells. 

Overall, combining all of these tools will allow you to easily organize all of your exposed cables in one place without having to worry about losing track of ‘which end goes where’. These tools are pretty easy to craft if you’re handy, but if not, you can order them online at a bargain price.